About Limpopo Gates & Fencing


Limpopo Gates & Fencing was established in 2007 and have subsequently developed into a market leader.

The drive has always been to strive for exceptional quality at competitive prices.

Since inception Limpopo Gates & Fencing has successfully fitted hundreds of electric fences to many highly satisfied customers.

We fit electric, gates automation, garage door automation and boom gate our expertise are channelled into the area that we are best able to satisfy. If one becomes too diversified it leads to being spread too thin and then the quality suffers. So we have stayed in our area of expertise and can guarantee that our service and installation is the best available. Apart from doing installation we are also able to offer maintenance contracts and carry out repairs.


to be the preferred supplier of high grade installations with the following team members:

» Trained and educated on an ongoing basis.

» Continually improving service, performance through individual and team initiative.


our policy is “doing the job right first time”. This means fewer problems for the customer and ultimately less upkeep or additional expenses after the product is installed. After each job is completed we do additional quality checks and whatever is not classified as 100% is attended to. In a nutshell we run a highly professional company and “pride ourselves in giving superior workmanship”.